5 thoughts on “texting home

    1. Oooh thank you – and congratulations! To you for being the first to leave a reply, and me for finding your comments! Took me ages. And putting my work out there is really scary, I can tell you!! x

  1. Hi,
    Just stumbled on your blog looking for OCA folk on word press.
    I think your figure drawing is excellent. This quick scribbly sketch is really emotive. You seem capture the person not just the pose in all your drawings.
    Interested to know if you did this one from life or a photo?
    Very nice work!

    1. Thanks very much for your comments – so easy to lose faith when you are working alone and at a distance from other students! Most of my figure drawings are from life. In addition to the work I am doing on the figure drawing unit for the OCA, I also travel with a little book to sketch people when I am out and about, mainly on trains and ferries. I think they always result in a more honest – albeit a less technically correct depiction – of the subject. Good luck with your OCA stuff. I shall dip in and have a look at your work too.

      1. That brave of you to study people in there natural environment like that! Something I’m working up to.
        The results speak for themself’s. Impressive drawings all of them. Good luck with your further studies too. 🙂

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