A patch of sunshine

So long ago, I was standing in a forest of sunflowers, listening to their leaves rattle in the breeze as they basked in the sun. Tournesol. Follow the sun. As the season stretches they dry and turn brown, until they droop their heads like wizened old men, forlorn in autumn’s damp. But in high summer, they are still vibrant and flashy, green and gold against a blue Poitou-Charentes sky. Their golden heads stretch as far as the eye can see in this part of France. Along the verges are smaller strays that struggle to thrive in the parched ground, but they are joyful nonetheless. I can’t wait to be there again, one day.

Spread the sunshine. This image is available as a greetings card – handmade in limited quantities, left blank inside for your own message. £4 each, three for £10. Free delivery.

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