Something different

left to right: Mrs Miniver, Mrs Dors, Mrs Polka-Dot, Mrs Windsor and Mrs Kandinsky

I spent most of the first lockdown messing with fabric and a sewing machine rather than producing any art. I know a lot of artists put the enforced downtime to good use but unfortunately I didn’t feel like picking up a paintbrush at all.

It’s all too easy to beat yourself up when you don’t produce any work for whatever reason but now I am going to cut myself some slack because during the second lockdown I brought my two passions together, producing this puddle of beauties using fabric that I had painted with acrylics.

There are six designs in all (five of them above) and each one is individual and unique as you would expect from anything that is hand-painted.

They will be making their debut on Saturday 12th December in Hungerford Hub & Library during their Christmas gifts pop-up shop but will always be available to buy direct from me via the contact form.

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