Sketchbook rose


Just finished another Open Studios Cover2Cover sketchbook – this time the theme was colour, especially opposites. This little sketch however was worked up in my own sketchbook, using a dropper with black acrylic ink and finished with acrylic paint using a 2″ flat brush, which gives lovely swoops and curves as you paint. Naturally it reflects some of the work I had been doing on colour this week though – I love the contrast of pink to green.

So now I have swapped sketchbooks with another artist working on the Cover2Cover project. Next theme: Conceal and Reveal. Interesting.

A room with a view


This should have been a something inspired by Morandi, the given theme of the roving sketchbook in the Cover2Cover initiative (Open Studios2017) currently in my possession. But I have just had a weekend in Lancashire and my visual thoughts are with bare trees and wintry landscapes, not the toned back paintings of pottery. I then thought I could reference Ben Nicholson with a landscape seen through a row of pots, but the view from my window (now just a digital photograph) felt more compelling.

It’s just a sketch – using acrylics and pastels on tinted paper –  but there’s the beginnings of a bigger piece lurking in there. Once Signor Morandi has moved on.