Time to go home….

flora & the dodo no 2

Finally reached the end of Illustration 1 – what a journey it has been!

(Work featured here: Flora and the Dodo – illustration to feature on the packaging for a range of children’s biscuits)

As the first of the sun’s rays….

dodo sketch

…slipped under the curtains, they made their way home. 

Really must finish this exercise sometime soon before I forget what it is all about….

(OCA Illustration 1, Part 5, Packaging Exercise: Produce a series of illustrations for packaging to be used for a new range of organic biscuits for children.)

Museum poster illustration


An illustration of a WW1 soldier, part of an exercise for the OCA Illustration 1 course;  my response to this exercise was a suite of posters for a museum of shoes, under the working theme of “Walk a mile in their shoes”.  Each poster would carry an image  alongside a caption about the shoe and its place in history. The image is A3, produced with watercolour and inks.

Watercolour sketch


A less structured and looser version of le passeur. If I keep going, eventually I will have him down to two flicks of a wet brush, which is a lot better than where I started. Long way to go but this is definitely an improvement.



Strange to think that I no longer have this drawing – it was made in a sketch book circulating within a  group of OCA students. The latest book arrived just as I was doing an exercise for Illustration 1; my interpretation of the exercise, and illustration for a book’s front cover, involved espadrilles and the Pyrenean border. This sketch was just a little tinkering around the edges using acrylic ink and a lot of water. 

My house

IMG_3064A small component of a diagrammatic drawing for an Illustration 1 exercise; “How to find my house”. It all took so long to produce – dozens of little drawings and then editing time in SketchBookPro – that I am wondering why I didn’t choose the easier option of “How to make a cup of tea”? Then again, I expect there could be someone out there struggling with the shape of a teapot wishing they had chosen to make the map….

China plant

China plant

Here I am procrastinating (my middle name). Today I am working on a black and white project for my OCA course, but somehow find myself still tinkering with one of last week’s spotty pictures of a polka dot plant. Printed maps are so interesting and have great potential; this is a map of China recycled into another version of Hypoestes phyllostachya. Had to look that one up. Don’t ask me to say it.