Strange to think that I no longer have this drawing – it was made in a sketch book circulating within a  group of OCA students. The latest book arrived just as I was doing an exercise for Illustration 1; my interpretation of the exercise, and illustration for a book’s front cover, involved espadrilles and the Pyrenean border. This sketch was just a little tinkering around the edges using acrylic ink and a lot of water. 

“The spring sunshine turned bleak and functional as it passed the plate glass of the tall-uncurtained windows” (Extract from The Daffodil Affair)

This is an exercise for the OCA Illustration 1 course, and my second go at it; the first can be seen in my log Part 2. It was ok but by the time I had tinkered and fussed with it in a drawing programme, it had lost the looseness and spontaneity of my original drawing. This one has received no digital enhancement or editing so it appears here with warts an’ all. The man in the image is a Scotland Yard detective during WWII. The extract describes him looking out at war-time London : “Here lay his anger as he looked out over London…year by year the anger had burst deeper until it was now the innermost principle of the man”.

a clean sheet of paper…

This blog is a working log of my studies with the Open College of the Arts. I am currently studying Illustration 1 and have already completed Drawing 1. As any distance learning student knows, it is acquiring the discipline to start work that is sometimes the greatest achievement. And then the ability not to throw it all away to start again!