About me

I am an artist and designer working in mixed media.

My artistic background lies in printed textiles and graphic design which, as a relative newcomer to painting, brings a fundamental order to my work that I am constantly striving to deconstruct.  I still retain a strong commitment to drawing so I find myself on a journey between figurative and expressionism.  What starts as a simple idea can evolve, through experimentation and play, into a painting of overlaid textures and patterns, often informing the viewer of another possible narrative.

I work mainly with pastels, graphite, watercolours and acrylics – sometimes all on the same piece! This year I have started to work with oils which has added another dimension to my work.

My visual stimulus is light and its relationship with objects in its path – the reveal of a shape, the cast of a shadow, a mood defining reflection. My influences can be found within the work of Cezanne, Schiele, Derain, John Blockley, Lars Larsson to name a few.

I regularly show my work in small exhibitions in Berkshire and Wiltshire, including those organised by Newbury Art Group, of which I am a member.

Last year I joined WestBerks & Newbury OpenStudios which introduced me to the influence and companionship of some of the many talented artists locally.  I have just finished exhibiting (12 May-3 June) with three other artists – “Rock, Paper, Scissors” which was a great experience; it brought me into contact with other artists as well the curious who just want to enjoy art. I sold several pieces and received some good feedback which as an artist working alone is always encouraging.

If you are interested in seeing my work go here to see where I am exhibiting. I also sell prints and cards in my Etsy shop here – contact me direct if you have any questions.

July 2018

You can see my current work for sale under Gallery.

Isn’t the drawing board the place where all the best work happens? 

It’s not a bad thing to go back there. It’s the entire point.”  — Seth Godin