Street performer

street performer

This autumn I went on my first ever sketchcrawl. A collection of OCA students gathered on London’s Southbank for sketching and painting as inspiration struck us. Most people focused on the Houses of Parliament (too many straight lines for me) but right where we landed, a guy was blacking-up ready for his performance as a living statue. His interaction with the audience, and their reaction was ace. This drawing was made from my sketches. Graphic pen and watercolour (painted with my favourite 1/4″ flat brush).

Watercolour sketch


A less structured and looser version of le passeur. If I keep going, eventually I will have him down to two flicks of a wet brush, which is a lot better than where I started. Long way to go but this is definitely an improvement.

Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian

From an iPhone photo taken during a family gathering to celebrate a birthday at Jamie’s Italian in Reading. Watch out for that chilli! Painted first with a quarter inch wash brush; detailed with Rotring Tikky Graphic.

Jack leaning

Jack leaning

Finished drawing – original one obliterated by a sturdy rubber (working off the angst brought on by dodgy perspective and foreshortening!) then reworked. Amazing how forgiving pastels can be. My new best friend is a chamois leather which lifts chalk and graphite from the paper with lovely results and less damage – still at the bottom of that learning curve with this medium.