Sun on a wall

sun wall house

Another time, another place. For a time I lived in the Vienne in central France. The landscape and architecture of that area is quite uninspiring to the casual eye. But the longer you are there the more you see and come to appreciate. If you are travelling south this is where you start to see stone ‘longeres’, the long farmhouses built from the stone hewn from the ground. The hole left behind often became the cellar beneath the house. The hills on which these houses sit gently undulate towards the horizon, like the folds on a bedspread, until they meet the huge sky that typifies that region.

Street performer

street performer

This autumn I went on my first ever sketchcrawl. A collection of OCA students gathered on London’s Southbank for sketching and painting as inspiration struck us. Most people focused on the Houses of Parliament (too many straight lines for me) but right where we landed, a guy was blacking-up ready for his performance as a living statue. His interaction with the audience, and their reaction was ace. This drawing was made from my sketches. Graphic pen and watercolour (painted with my favourite 1/4″ flat brush).

Time to go home….

flora & the dodo no 2

Finally reached the end of Illustration 1 – what a journey it has been!

(Work featured here: Flora and the Dodo – illustration to feature on the packaging for a range of children’s biscuits)

As the first of the sun’s rays….

dodo sketch

…slipped under the curtains, they made their way home. 

Really must finish this exercise sometime soon before I forget what it is all about….

(OCA Illustration 1, Part 5, Packaging Exercise: Produce a series of illustrations for packaging to be used for a new range of organic biscuits for children.)

Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian

From an iPhone photo taken during a family gathering to celebrate a birthday at Jamie’s Italian in Reading. Watch out for that chilli! Painted first with a quarter inch wash brush; detailed with Rotring Tikky Graphic.