Storm Warning


Another scratchy painting. Paint it on then scrape it off to reveal the textured under-painting. This is a re-work of my original watercolour sketch of Shanklin Bay at the end of a spring day. I used the original composition for the structure, but referenced another sketch to convey (I hope) the heaving, weighty movement of sea and air as a storm gathers at the end of a hot day.

Painted in water mixable oils on board.

October 2018

Hanging on a different wall


So pleased to say this little painting has sold – it was one of several produced when I was at a painting workshop in Sidmouth during the summer. The memory of it is filled with sun baked days, screaming seagulls (who can steal a sandwich at lightening speed!) and meeting new artists. We were working with acrylic paints and inks, using 4” brushes and old credit cards!

The painting was sold during the regular Newbury Art Group exhibition in West Berks Community Hospital, with a percentage of the sale going to the Friends of the hospital. The exhibition changes every six weeks and there is always something worth seeing there.

September 2018

Happy holidays


Just spent two lovely days at a mix media workshop in Sidmouth, Devon. Splashing around acrylic paints and inks, letting accidents happen and become integral to the painting. #chrisforsey #eastdevonartacademy



Just dropped off another painting for show, this time with Newbury Art Group’s exhibition at West Berks Community Hospital in Thatcham where they have a gallery.  As part of the Open Studios initiative, the theme for the exhibition was movement.

This is my entry; Evening Swell, oil on paper. It is worked up from a water colour sketch I made some time ago of Shanklin Bay on the Isle of Wight.