A watercolour sketch


Painted with my new sable brush, No 12  – the one the dog didn’t destroy!  I’m like a kid on the first day of school – new brushes and paints, all ready to start OCA Painting 1, Watercolour Practice.

As the first of the sun’s rays….

dodo sketch

…slipped under the curtains, they made their way home. 

Really must finish this exercise sometime soon before I forget what it is all about….

(OCA Illustration 1, Part 5, Packaging Exercise: Produce a series of illustrations for packaging to be used for a new range of organic biscuits for children.)

Jamie’s Italian

Jamie's Italian

From an iPhone photo taken during a family gathering to celebrate a birthday at Jamie’s Italian in Reading. Watch out for that chilli! Painted first with a quarter inch wash brush; detailed with Rotring Tikky Graphic.